Supply Center staff next to shelf of products

What You’ll Find at an AbilityOne Base Supply Center

Your local AbilityOne Base Supply Center is one-stop shop for products and office supplies of all sorts. Below, find some examples of what you’ll find in one of our stores. Can’t find what you’re looking for in store? Our associates would be happy to place an order for you from our even larger selection of available products!

Office Supplies

We have all the office products you might need, including:

Computer Accessories

Image of office supplies on shelving, including CDs, mouse pads, and more

Desk Supplies

Desk supplies sitting on shelving, including post it notes, sticky tabs, and note pads.

Printing Supplies

Printing supplies sitting on shelves, including boxes, labels and more.

Be sure to also check out our shipping supplies!

Cleaning & Janitorial Supplies

When it comes to cleaning supplies, we have you covered! Not only do we carry your favorite well-known products, but we also carry environmentally friendly “Green” cleaners and detergents for your special projects.

Cleaning supplies such as bleach, Lysol, spray bottles and scrub brushes sitting on shelves..

COVID-19 Supplies

Shelving with a sign that says, "healthy hands start here" with wipes, masks, and hand sanitizer.

Seasonal Supplies

In addition to our normal selection, we also carry seasonal items that you and your team might need. Check in at or call our stores for updates on current seasonal selections.

A display of cold weather supplies like snow shovels, window scrapers, and ice melt

Friendly Staff

You’ll always find helpful and friendly staff at each of our AbilityOne Base Supply Center locations!

Six employees wearing masks and standing next to cleaning supplies.

Products Made by People Who Are Blind

Did you know that our stores carry products manufactured by people who are blind?

The wall boards that you’ll find in each AbilityOne Base Supply Center are made by our very own production team in Spokane, Washington. Learn more about our recent milestone of creating more than 1 million wallboards!

A large wall board with a calendar outline on it sitting on a shelf in a store

Other Items:

Individual Equipment Element

Organizational Clothing
Individual Equipment
DLA items

Special Orders

Unique Military Items
Tactical Gear
Office Furniture
Space Planning and Installation

Disposable Paper Products
Food Service Supplies

And so much more!

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